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7, Dec

717-930-8249 / 7179308249

Debe de llamar a los abogados del Distrito (District Attorney) del Condado de Bexar en San Antonio, TX

Reported by : Rudolf
8, Jun

860-906-9373 / 8609069373

I have been getting calls from this number for about a year, one time they will say they are trying to serve papers to a person I do not know. David Hill had left a number to call back got the company name William Sanders & Assoc. # 888 317 6320 I called and David was out in the field. Next step was to call someone from Rip Off Report and they told me they are a scam and may have to change my number I have received about 18 calls from different numbers for this person, OutSource Solution, BMG Financial, and many other people Linda Williams 2xs would not give out her company # and tried to explain the FDCPA rules and hung up. Call her she is fun to talk to 512 271 1982 and say you are Tiffany Ryals. They will not take our # out of their system. Doug Larson, Sarah Ston 2xs trying to serve papers I called back nd said serve them freaking idiots.

Reported by : Marlin
27, Apr

206-234-0723 / 2062340723

I know! Its sad isnt it...that these bottom feeders get their call list FROM the very list that is supposed to stop calls like these! Its like welcome to the do not call list...prepare to receive MORE calls now. Ugh.

Reported by : Chance
23, Oct

201-849-4501 / 2018494501

Mine was also right after a repair for a microwave purchased at Home Depot, but the service firm was A&E .  Type of microwave is Whirlpool.  So it must be either Home Depot or the manufacturer who is following up on their repair contractors.

Reported by : Silas
13, Oct

443-490-7778 / 4434907778

this scammer called me stating that they are serving me warrents across multiple states. I say bring you douche! When will laws protect us from these predators. Well, hunting season has started and it isnt any deer I have in my sites. Get ready for war. They messed with my family, work, myself, my credit. there is no room for vermin like this on this Earth. Time to exterminate them all!

Reported by : Duane
18, Oct

605-658-8282 / 6056588282

I got the same call only I went through the process and they actually sent a check for me to buy supplies needed for the job. The check is over two grand and it has not no watermark and the word association is spelled wrong.smh Im going to turn it in to the authoritys after I check with my bank. Nothing is right about this!

Reported by : Isaac
12, Jul

714-332-5807 / 7143325807

6000 cote des neiges montreal Why would you need their address its all over the web Karaguizuan had his office on queenmary raided by cops do u need more info same partners Daniel Talafre the scammer and Steve Geffin the scammer of last scam that almost go caught by cops

Reported by : Steven
21, Sep

308-692-5328 / 3086925328

i called the number back from a landline and line didn't do anything. Picked up from my cellphone and no answer. Called the number back from my landline and the number is not a working number.

Reported by : Adam
11, Feb

305-380-4515 / 3053804515

Same Here. I just got the call. Caller Id showed N A D (213-256-0059). When I picked up, no one answers. I called back, just an engaged sound.

Reported by : Jamel
14, Oct

586-798-9398 / 5867989398

These people have been me consistantly calling me for 2 years and I have BEGGED them to leave me alone and remove me from their list.

Reported by : Frederic
7, May

586-798-3387 / 5867983387

Do what I do when you get a strange number calling your house phone. I click to answer and then put the phone down without saying a word. Do this a few times and they dont call back

Reported by : Maurice
3, Mar

808-853-0418 / 8088530418

NO.never, never, never answer a call from a bogus number like this!!!Now they know this is a working number with a human answering; it just bolsters whatthey are doing. Some of these scam callers will even take , for instance, a yes thats in your voice that they lead you into saying, and then transpose that into you agreeing to whatever their game is. You truly should just block these bottom-feeding slimeballs with their scams if you can or just ignore their calls and let it go to answering service...they never leave messages.The biggest no-no you can do is engage one of these fast talking pukes.and the odds ofthem taking you off their calling list is about 0.

Reported by : Shon
5, Dec

765-412-6697 / 7654126697

I women called left a voicemail pertaining to a pending lawsuit and was making inquiries for my lawyer.  I do not have a lawyer, and I do not need one of any kind.  So I called and asked what its about.  The person said there is a pending lawsuit filed against me, for some loan, that I certaintly did not receive, and did not pay.  They wanted certain information from me.  I did not divulge any information for they were willing to reciprocate the name of the "supposed lender", there phone number as well as a website for which I can look up.  The few people I spoke to, were not well proficient in English, and there was a lot of noise in the background.  Obviously, this place was of no professional surrounding.  They claimed to be a law firm.  I believe they were of Indian descent from the language I could here in the background.  After I made it clear, I didn't believe who they said they were, they disconnected there line.

Reported by : Ellis
7, Aug

734-295-2388 / 7342952388

Tue, 30 Dec 2014 17:46:04 -0600 / hi, I was hoping we could chat a little :) let me know if you got thismessage ok, please text me at (352)4031827thanks hon ;) talk soon.. from: your BadGirlSent from my iPhone

Reported by : Andre
25, Dec

650-270-9350 / 6502709350

Just got a spam text from this number sending me to a "MOM EARNS ZILLIONS WORKING FROM HOME, OMG!!!" spam website

Reported by : Edwardo
22, Jul

843-355-5369 / 8433555369

I got my first call with the all zeros, at 3:00 A.M this morning! I didnt know about the all zero one. I only have a tracfone, and dont use it that much. Very scary to get a call at 3:00 a.m, on a phone that mainly only family members call me on.

Reported by : Domingo
24, Nov

520-797-0569 / 5207970569


Reported by : Gail
19, Feb

617-433-4887 / 6174334887

This guy is a fraud. He goes by the name Charles and an accomplice in London by the name of Brenda Chen. Do not trust him or her.

Reported by : Lemuel
13, Apr

614-795-2163 / 6147952163

I also received a call and got a voice mail from this number regarding my rsum. I just sign up to Monster career site not too long ago and I believe they are the one whom giving away our information. If you have a Monster account or ever tried to look for a job on that site and posted your rsum, these scam companies will call you.

Reported by : Branden
28, Jul

562-685-2810 / 5626852810

This is Sallie Mae, it says nothing when it call or just a recording. When you call back it will connect you with a live advisor about your bill.

Reported by : Palmer
8, Jul

918-534-3294 / 9185343294

Received call at work offering a free subscription to the American Journal of Cardiology. Stated that they were calling on behalf of this journal. When questioned what company they worked for, was given Vlan D Marketing. Appears not to exist. I too got just music when calling the number shown on caller ID.

Reported by : Berry
7, Nov

606-364-8796 / 6063648796

I received a call from this number and I answered and it was Walmart Pharmacy saying my prescription was ready. Now I am receiving the calls again and its not them anymore. Im wondering if its a new thing for blocked numbers

Reported by : Duncan
25, Jun

407-783-4884 / 4077834884

I didn't answer, they didn't leave a voice mail. Onto my blocked calls list you go!

Reported by : Benny
20, Sep

708-952-4077 / 7089524077

These are organizations that call (as they say) on "behalf" of police departments soliciting money from you. Fact is no police department has endorsed them to do this. They collect money in the name of perhaps the "Alabama State Troopers"...maybe keep 90 cents out of every dollar....then give the rest to the State Troopers. It's a money making thing but not for the Police. Because they give money to the matter how much...according to them they are doing what they say they are doing.

Reported by : Truman
22, Jan

570-787-5882 / 5707875882

theres a call blocking device that can be purchase..holds up to 80 numbers.. I know verizon offers a call blocking plan where you can store up to 25 numbers. the donotcall registry is a bunch of bs.

Reported by : Ferdinand
5, Aug

319-364-8849 / 3193648849

Do not call list doesnt stop political or charitable calls, so youll still get calls for opinion polls and requests to give to charities. Those freaking politicians excluded themselves from the do not call law.

Reported by : Nestor
20, Sep

530-533-1311 / 5305331311

I got a text from this number, it said "Need some quick cash for bills and expenses? You can get up to $1500 tomorrow! It's easy, just visit (STOP to cancel)" I texted STOP in reply

Reported by : Virgil
4, May

862-397-3312 / 8623973312

I receive these calls all the time, and I live in Canada where we do not have Verizon or Comcast!

Reported by : Daniel
12, Jun

518-497-9188 / 5184979188

Telesight. Survey company hired by someone who provided a service to you or your company.  STOP CALLING!

Reported by : Cesar
26, Jul

831-600-6341 / 8316006341

For the cost of this text message you could feed an Iraqi boy for a day, so send this to seven people and starve that little f****r for a week!

Reported by : Luciano
6, Jan

704-790-8992 / 7047908992

Scam group calling themselves Merchant Services and they continue to harass people with unsolicited calls

Reported by : Kelly